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For cryptocurrency traders, investors, budget, DeFi users, and insitutions, TCAP is an ERC-20 well suited smart settlement that tokenizes actual-time Total Market Capitalization from all cryptocurrencies and tokens listed on the most respectable crypto information vendors within the international.

Combining blockchain era with the choices process of facts aggregation, uncooked marketplace capitalization statistics may be brought to marketplace thru crosscollateralized, asset nominal tokenization. Asset nominal tokenization starts with the choices method of taking a facts metric, which includes Total Market Capitalization. This metric is then set to a divisor of 10,000,000,000. The new, nominal asset token fee now trades in lockstep with the underlying records metric it tracks.

Collateralizing the new smart agreement against more than one property like ETH or DAI affords the safety that this new tokenized asset is subsidized via a hard and fast of policies and collateral enforced by means of an Ethereum smart contract, thereby tokenizing overall marketplace capitalization.

For instance, if the entire crypto marketplace cap is living at 350 billion bucks. We then upload a divisor to that quantity, similar to the S&P 500 or any main economic index would. The price calculation for TCAP is as follows:

rr = frac d c ‚Äč = $35.00

Where cc is the entire cryptocurrency market cap, dd is the divisor and rr is the choices TCAP token charge.

TCAPs are then minted upon being collateralized through an underlying asset, inclusive of ETH or DAI. What the choices consumer gets in go back is a newly minted asset nominalized token that actions in actual time to the choices penny of the underlying overall market cap metric our TCAP Smart Contract is monitoring. Each TCAP is algorithmically collateralized by means of a corresponding quantity of ETH/ or DAI needed to appropriately back every token by means of >200%, therefore developing rate publicity to the choices whole cryptocurrency zone with the unmarried push of a button.

How to Use TCAP?

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Earn rewards for minting TCAP & imparting liquidity to TCAP pairs on SushiSwap: choices-tcap-protocol-c1b32ce084bc

A lifelong dealer and investment supervisor, Joe Sticco brings vast understanding of traditional marketplace shape to the project. He based Cryptex Finance with the vision of mixing Wall Street with world class blockchain improvement in building state of the choices artwork funding solutions for day after today.

Preston Van Loon is CEO and co-founding father of Prysmatic Labs and leads a crew of dedicated blockchain builders in building crucial layer one scaling answers for Ethereum 2.0. Since January 2018, Preston and team have obtained almost $2MM in furnish funding to pursue those efforts from the Ethereum Foundation, Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum Community Fund, and plenty of other community contributors.

Thomas Matzner has led planning, branding and advertising projects at world class businesses and startups. He has taken excessive quantity and celeb recommended products from concept to release with an omnichannel strategy. Thomas' ardour is building brands with formidable visions of leaving a legacy.

Cristian Espinoza, Smart Contract Developer certified by ConsenSys, Coffee Lover & Prev. Devcon Scholar at Ethereum Foundation. Leader of the Honduras Ethereum Community.

What makes TCAP specific?

While referenced and quoted each day by means of thousands and thousands of humans inside the investment network as one of the key metrics measuring the choices expansions and declines transpiring inside the space, Total Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization has no method or capacity to be minted in actual-time shape, till now.

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