Easiest crypto to mine

easiest crypto to mine easiest crypto to mine

As someone completely non tech savvy, I could some recommendation.

So I am trying to use my work furnished desktop at my house even as I still can. I figured I may as properly use it to mine some crypto because it's extra powerful than my cheap pc and I can continually forestall if they capture on and have a problem. After ten years there, I'm not certain if I care if I get fired for it as I'm going to refuse returning to the workplace each time this is. Anyway………

I hear nano is quite simple but I don't recognise a good deal approximately mining it. I'm open to any tips. Just seeking out that proper combination of simplicity and go back

I am no longer certain approximately the “simplest”, but you could mine Monero or Ravencoin quite easily on a pc.

I'm no longer acquainted with Ravencoin. Can anybody supply me the cliff notes on it?

what GPUs / CPUs are in those systems you speak of?

RVN is quite easy and wonderful to mine

RVN is the best crypto I actually have ever effectively mined once you have a gaming computer.

I’ve been mining ergo, rate has been slumping a bit but I think it’s prob one of the better cryptos to mine if you plan on hodling

i was mining ergo for a couple weeks however found out i make greater / day with eth.

ill just trade some eth for ergo, etc at this factor…

I am searching into thathor community. Piggy backs off BTC mining giving u multiple rewards

The comedy membership in Philly?

I’ve were given a half of first rate CPU. You should try XMR.

I would possibly supply this a pass

Not positive approximately the very best, however there are several mining calculators out there (minerstat seems the most sturdy for unique coin options)…simply select what hardware you're working with and your electric cost and it'll rank cash by way of profitability. NiceHash does the same, however with a limited set of minable cash, and additionally gives software program to “streamline” your mining. They do take a charge, and additionally convert your profits into BTC, with a minimum amount earned before you could withdraw, even though you may do an instantaneous withdraw with out a costs once a day to a CoinBase related account.

A truly smooth way to start mining is using Nicehash, just make an account, down load it and you'll receives a commission in BTC. Really clean to set up.

Never heard of it. I'll check it out

I found out alot from r/laptopmining. Helped me plenty. I started out mining ETH and its long gone up because the China ban! I endorse just checking it out and getting to know. It's loads of fun!

Your mom (or dad 😉)

Ergo is pretty easy

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