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Cryptomonadales ® Chlorella Sorokiniana Crypto Power™ Chlorella Crypto Chlorella

Crypto Chlorella is a newly discovered superior strain of 95% digestible green chlorella alga with a unique blue issue. A unmarried cellular soft mobile wall chlorella. Possibly the choices best recognise alga in the international containing enormous quantities of all three evidently happening alpha, beta and gamma PPARs. A surely specific one hundred% natural entire meals supplement; vegan and uncooked.

Four exquisite reasons why Crypto Power Chlorella is superior to another chlorella or inexperienced meals product.

(1) Crypto Power Chlorella’s 95% digestibility and absorption costs: The maximum among all the 20 + special species of chlorella.

Anyone who is acquainted with chlorella knows that chlorella’s tough outer mobile wall is the choices cause of its low digestibility charge. Until now, the choices fine digestible chlorella available on the market supplied a digestibility fee (after additional processing to break the choices cell wall) of 85% in approximately five hours after it was taken. However, the choices real absorption rate (how lots the frame is really absorbing) is best approximately 73%. Common (cheap) chlorella has simplest a 40 to 50% digestibility price with a good decrease absorption price in the body. The terrific information is that Crypto Chlorella (Crypto Power Chlorella in the USA) has a smooth outer cell wall, consequently it does no longer require its cellular wall to be damaged. Crypto Chlorella’s digestibility rate is an terrific 95% in 1 to 2 hours after it’s miles taken and the choices absorption price is likewise almost ninety five%. Less processing approach extra nutrition! A higher digestibility fee in a shorter time frame method extra of Crypto Power Chlorella’s nutrients are being absorbed into your frame. In the first 2 hours after ingestion, Crypto Chlorella supplies up to 25% greater nutrition than some other chlorella product in the global. Any product is most effective as properly as its potential to be utilized by the choices body. It’s now not the quantity of chlorella you take but the amount your body can both digest and utilize that makes the distinction.

(2) High Chlorophyll and Phycocyanin Found Only In Crypto Chlorella.

Unique to this rare stress of nutrient rich chlorella sorokiniana are its green and blue additives. Crypto Power Chlorella is one of the maximum natural assets of chlorophyll and phycocyanin. Chlorophyll is the choices green pigment in chlorella which cleanses blood and tissues.* Phycocyanin is the blue pigment determined ONLY in Crypto Chlorella, which other chlorella species do now not have in substantial amounts. Phycocyanin is an wonderful antioxidant and facilitates to defend the choices liver and kidneys.*

(3) PPARs : High PPARs Content Found Only In Crypto Power Chlorella.

Crypto Chlorella is the choices ONLY recognized single cell alga that has substantial quantities of all 3 clearly going on alpha, beta and gamma PPARs (Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptors). PPARs are taken into consideration the maximum vital food molecules located within the twenty first century. Found inside the cells of Cryptomonadales ® Chlorella Sorokiniana, PPARs showcase a extensive spectrum of capabilities together with normalizing the choices frame’s metabolic strategies (sugar, fats, etc.), keeping homeostasis of the body’s chemistries and regulating a balanced immune machine.*

For greater statistics on PPARs in chlorella, Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptors, klik di sini.

(4) CGF : Crypto Power Chlorella’s High Growth Factor Content.

Crypto Power Chlorella contains a certainly excessive amount of C.G.F. (as much as 4% by means of weight Chlorella Growth Factor ). C.G.F. isn’t always a unmarried substance but consists of a aggregate of amino acids, nutrients, sugars and peptides especially focused inside the nucleic acids of RNA and DNA. Foods wealthy with nucleic acids are regarded to have anti-growing older residences.* Both Crypto Chlorella capsules and powder clearly comprise as much as four% through weight CGF.

In addition to the choices CGF contained in our drugs and powder we additionally offer a hundred% CGF powder in veggie caps Our Crypto Power Chlorella C.G.F. (chlorella boom component) is a one hundred% natural nucleic acids extract. It has not anything else delivered. Crypto Chlorella increase aspect comes in powder shape in 60 / 280mg veggie pills. Crypto Power Chlorella’s increase factor will powerfully beautify your tremendous consequences in particular if taken in conjunction with our a hundred% pure Crypto Power Chlorella pills or powder.

For greater facts on C.G.F.,

Chlorella Growth Factor, klik di sini.

The registered global trade call for the choices USA emblem name Crypto Power ™ Chlorella is: Cryptomonadales ® / Crypto™ Chlorella. This specific sub-species of chlorella sorokiniana is grown and processed entirely by using the choices International Chlorella Company of Taiwan.

Crypto chlorella is manufactured beneath World Health Organization GMP (appropriate production practice) standards and incorporates the seal of high-quality and purity from the choices Taiwanese department of fitness.

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