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after lot of research on DOGECOIN and having bought some coins and some small cloud mining contracts, I have reached the choices conclusion that cloud mining is rip-off and not worth the choices investment …

So, I even have determined to interact in mining myself.

Please, take a look at the subsequent information and correct me where incorrect:

-DOGECOIN became purported to have a max quantity of one hundred Billion coins, however this has modified, to an extra five Billion in keeping with yr, for all time.

-Difficulty of mining, appears to be stable and considering the choices predicted annual supply of latest cash is constant, it might by no means boom or maybe if it does, might drop whilst new yr starts offevolved ? (what other elements can boom / affect difficulty ???)

-As DOGE is based totally on SCRYPT, having the choices proper hardware / ASIC, could be able to yield a hard and fast / dependable result of cash each day, in contrast to maximum clouds, anticipate from being a scam most times, don't aid scrypt however sha256, so even though they “mine” doge, its without a doubt btc transformed, proper ???

-I have “unlimited” FREE energy (excess deliver from sun panels that cannot be absorbed / paid by the choices grid / energy community)

Considering all these items, what would be the first-rate mining hardware / ASIC, this is scalable to mix multiple units and effortlessly make a mining rig, capable of producing 1 million cash every day and what would be the fee for it ???

Many Thanks for all advice !!!

Doge mining is lifeless for income. Yet there are ways to earn Dogecoins which might be less complicated than mining, folding! It isn't going to examine to 3 grand in ASICs, but you can use your PC or those antique mining GPUs, with lots less wear and tear than normal mining.

Folding @ Home is quite simple, supports CPU and GPU, is ran and maintained by Standford University to help scientist discover cures for Alzheimer's, cancers, and many sicknesses. If you are not gaming, you wouldn't word it become there, however if you are gaming there may be a on hand pause button. Did I point out is changed into top notch easy to setup and get going?

We accumulated masses of donations for the choices Dogecoin Folding @ Home team and now we've simply started out raining Dogecoins on the choices crew! Get paid Dogecoins to dig for treatment plans!

To take part, simply fold for the Dogefolders group #226715 and use your Dogecoin wallet address as your Folding @ Home person call. Payments are made as soon as consistent with week and are disbursed based in your part of the team's folding factors.

For more data see

(It has been a long term coming and our sub is pretty gradual now, but with bills began, optimistically r/dogecoinfah will choose returned up.)

Forget it. Doge mining is lifeless. Read the 500 or so posts on this difficulty.

If you really want to mine, just for fun, is the choices go. You can assume zero.01 LTC/day in step with MH/s, or about four cents an afternoon.

I clearly understand that the earnings are down the choices hollow for mining, but how is the choices community presupposed to be secured of each person stops mining?

If mining for DOGE is useless, who receives the choices more five billion each year and the way ???

mining is useless, in case you keep in mind the fees of strength, which I actually have for free.

having loose energy, is it still useless ???

your nest off shopping for an S7 (sha256 miner) and placing a payout to doge thru shapeshift. You would be searching at round 26,000 doge an afternoon!!!

ROI on an S7 is about 200 days, and there's a halving coming in August. I wouldn't do it. 🙁

good day, is a sha256 miner green in evaluation to a scrypt ASIC ???

On this challenge, i don't recognize why preserve feeding the sell market with five billion cash each 12 months. the choices hassle with dogecoin is that there're too many coins, making it much less valuable 🙁

Electricity fees cash, miners need with the intention to pay the bills.

Source: Was an early miner, I regret every Doge I ever sold…

no one has absolutely replied my query, maybe its now not price powerful to mine with these days's charge, however as I actually have unfastened strength, I dont care.

as every yr there are 5 billion new cash, I want to have interaction and get a proportion from that

what gadget might I want to get, as a way to anticipate 1 million cash in step with day ???

Buddy, I don't think you're listening. You ought to no longer mine the coin without delay as YOU ARE GOING TO LOOSE MONEY, it’s miles a scrypt based totally coin so your not gonna want a Sha256 miner. If you need to mine dogecoin visit any litecoin pool, like liteguardian or anything people higher for you, and it’s going to mine both litecoin and dogecoin for you. The LTC hashing power doubles as DOGE hashing electricity for this reason MAXIMIZING your profits. No one is answering your questions because they gave you correct answers already and also you didn't like them. When they are saying mining DOGE is dead, it way genuinely that there’s a lot hashing energy already within the network, and the cash are being divide up through them that the choices best manner it's worthwhile is to mine LTC with it. Now exit there, buy a scrypt miner and MAKE SOME MONEY!

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